11 months ago
Spiritual Activism: Donald Trump and the second sight | Alastair McIntosh | TEDxFindhornSalon

A different view on the Trump - By Alastair Mcintosh.

Scottish academic Prof Alastair McIntosh grew up on the same island as Donald Trump's mother and in this interesting talk, he shows how the history of the Sc...

11 months ago

Enjoy the beauty and spirituality of the Isle of Skye!
#spirituality #retreat #Isle of Skye #Retraite

11 months ago
Richard Rohr: Your Image of God Creates You

In his Daily Meditations, Richard Rohr helps us rediscover Christianity’s essential, contemplative teachings and rebuild our spirituality “From the Bottom Up...

1 year ago

Flyer is finished... Thank you so much Nishant!!!!

1 year ago
Blog | The Lions Glenn

Just a thought - The problem with guilt

Blog Just a thought – The problem with guilt jun 5, 2018 Accomodation and area mei 27, 2018       Just a thought – Spirituality mei 23, 2018 Recent Posts Just a thought – The problem with ... See more

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