7 months ago
Spiritual Activism: Donald Trump and the second sight | Alastair McIntosh | TEDxFindhornSalon

A different view on the Trump - By Alastair Mcintosh.

Scottish academic Prof Alastair McIntosh grew up on the same island as Donald Trump's mother and in this interesting talk, he shows how the history of the Sc...

7 months ago

Enjoy the beauty and spirituality of the Isle of Skye!
#spirituality #retreat #Isle of Skye #Retraite

7 months ago
Richard Rohr: Your Image of God Creates You

In his Daily Meditations, Richard Rohr helps us rediscover Christianity’s essential, contemplative teachings and rebuild our spirituality “From the Bottom Up...

8 months ago

Flyer is finished... Thank you so much Nishant!!!!

8 months ago
Blog | The Lions Glenn

Just a thought - The problem with guilt

Blog Just a thought – The problem with guilt jun 5, 2018 Accomodation and area mei 27, 2018       Just a thought – Spirituality mei 23, 2018 Recent Posts Just a thought – The problem with ... See more

8 months ago

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