9 months ago
Brian D. McLaren "Conversations on Being a Heretic"

Oh how I like these kind of conversations!:

Theologian Scot McKnight conducted this interview at the Q Conference, “Conversations on Being a Heretic,” in Chicago, Illinois, which was held between April...

9 months ago

Chris Roe.

9 months ago
The Celtic Christian Tradition

The real questions....

10 months ago
Ancient Scotland
The spirit of this country is not easy to understand...but ones she touched your soul, you fall in love with her and you going te miss her everyday! - Aldo

Having spent the past seven months travelling all over Scotland to shoot my new film, ANCIENT SCOTLAND, I’ve never been more proud to call this country home....

10 months ago
William Paul Young Says This Is the Obstacle to Peace | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network


William Paul Young shares what he believes to be the biggest hurdle in achieving peace. For more on #supersoulsunday, visit Find OWN on...

11 months ago
Lies we believe about God: A conversation with WM. Paul Young

I don't have many hero's these days... But William Paul Young is definitely one of them... I love this interview!
#Spirituality #Religion #christianity #Thelionsglenn

What we think and say about God affects us more than we know. If we believe lies about God, those lies begin to run rampant and do damage to our souls.Today,...

11 months ago
The Isle of Skye - Our Trailer

You can be part of this! Check:

#spirituality #retreat #retraite #Isleofskye

The Isle of Skye. Thrilling and exciting - a lot like the blockbuster movies which have been filmed here in recent times. Can we match them with our own trai...

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