A spiritual retreat on the Isle of Skye!
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Welcome to the Lion’s Glenn.
Are you looking for spiritual deepening, a time of thinking, re-evaluation of life, walking, stillness and listening to an inspiring speaker?
We welcome you to our retreat on the beautiful Isle of Skye (Scotland).

We will explore the spiritual life as informed by Celtic Christianity but with an openness to insights from other faiths and personal experience!

The Lion’s Glenn, a place for Pilgrims.

Isle of Skye is a beautiful Island on the west coast of Scotland. It’s a wild and stunning place where you can enjoy the hills, mountains and dramatic coastlines.
An island full of legends, myths and stories. But also a place of Pilgrimage where people, both historically and now are looking for stillness and a deeper connection within themselves.
For more information about the retreat in Isle of Skye, please check the link ‘Events’.

We like to build a community where people from all over the world can share their stories and connect with other pilgrims.
Because in a way, we all are pilgrims in this journey called life.
Feel free to explore our website and ask questions. Be welcome in our community where the emphasis is not on “religion” but on relationship.

“God’s breath is like a fresh wind that renews us. Frail and weak as we are, we have hope. We find healing.”





Pilgrimage of Life

Monday  8 of April – Saturday (morning) 13 of April 2019. A seminar where Alastair McIntosh is taking you trough a journey of life…

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Aldo Olijrhook

My name is Aldo Olijrhook and I’m from and living in Holland. My daytime job is location manager…

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Pilgrimage of Life!

A retreat where Alastair McIntosh is taking you trough a journey of life.

• This week will be an exploration of some meanings of pilgrimage.
• Life has been described as a journey of ‘departure’ on the journey, ‘initiation’ through the trials and ‘return’ to give life back into the wider community.
• How does pilgrimage help? How might the sacred places and stories be open doorways that can strengthen the articulation, or flow, between the inner and the outer life?
• A time for walking
• Thinking
• The re-evaluation of life and if we’re lucky, some times of stillness.
• We will explore the spiritual life as inspired by Celtic Christianity but with an openness to insights from other faiths and personal experience.

When: 8 – 13 of April 2019

Location: Dun Flodigarry hostel (exclusive for retreat guest) Isle of Skye.

Address:  Flodigarry, Isle of Skye IV51 9HZ, United Kingdom

Included: Full accommodation, retreat,  breakfast/lunch/diner , drinks (coffee, tea), bed (separated sleeping rooms) , walks and good company!

Excluded: Trip to Skye.

Price:  € 500 (Euro) or £450

Registrations: A view places are still available!

Direction see:


Program Pilgrimage of life week:

Monday: Check in

Coffee, tea and food available.

18:00 Diner

19:30- Welcome session

Tuesday, Wednesday and friday:

7:30- Wake up call

8:00- Breakfast (bread)

9:30- Session with Alastair McIntosh

10:30- Coffee and Tea

10:45- continue session with Alastair

12:00- Lunch (bread)

13:30- Walks

18:00- Diner (hot meal)

Evening- no program


8:00- Wake up call

10:00- Pigrimage walk/exploring the spiritual site of Skye

Saturday: 8:30 Breakfast

9:30-10:00 Check out.

Alastair McIntosh

Alastair McIntosh  (Scotland) has been described by BBC TV as “one of the world’s leading environmental campaigners.” A pioneer of modern land reform in Scotland, he helped bring the Isle of Eigg into community ownership. Alastair guest lectures at military staff colleges, most notably the UK Defence Academy, on nonviolence. His books include  Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power  (Aurum), Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition  (Birlinn),  Rekindling Community  (Green Books) and Spiritual Activism: Leadership as Service (Green Books). His most recent major work is Poacher’s Pilgrimage: an Island Journey (Birlinn 2016, due in USA from Cascade 2018). He is a fellow of the School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh and a visiting professor at the College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow. His website is and Twitter @alastairmci.

Aldo Olijrhook

My name is Aldo Olijrhook and I’m from Holland.
I am married for 23 years and a father of three sons and one daughter.
My daytime job is location manager at the college of arts in Rotterdam (Codarts Rotterdam). A very inspiring place where young people from all over the world are working on realising their dreams.

What I see is that there are a lot of bad habits in today’s society; individualism, the right of the strongest and exclusion of (some) people on, for example, the basis of race or sexual orientation. It’s what I called ‘dualistic thinking’.
The best way to fight this is to make sure we work together. I hope to contribute to that and that starts where I live and work.

The Lion’s Glenn is originated from a desire to connect people. My life has been an exciting journey. For a long time I devoted it to religion, but ten years ago I started to walk a different path. One that led me from religion to relation. I started thinking outside the box; a box which stood for what I believed was the truth and nothing but the truth. Over the years I learned to see that every human being has a beautiful soul. But unfortunately it’s our brokenness that leads to the destruction of our self, others and this planet. The Lion’s Glenn is about organizing retreats that inspire people to take care of themselves, others and yes… this beautiful planet.

It’s my personal belief that Gods extraordinary love for us will help us to find healing and it surprises me how many times people are involved in that process.

Isle of Skye (Scotland) became my second home. A haven of beauty and silence where I return as much as I can. The wild stunning nature and the kind people I met there over the years have made a big contribution to the healing process of my own inner wounds.
That brought me to where I am now. The start of new adventure, born from a desire to share what I received in Skye.
All I hope is to meet you there so we can share stories and enjoy the great things that Skye has to offer.


With great love,



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